Ford Expedition Limousine

Luxury is made possible with our Ford Expedition white limo. Capacity 14 passengers, we can provide the most elegant and enjoyable trip for you and your friends. Comfortable seating and breath-taking interior will kick all the other means of transportation in New Jersey.

The moment the vehicle pass by streets, every head will turn on your ride. The moment you get off, many people will be stunned. Some will be amazed by you and your entourage appearance.

With, our Ford Expedition is an excellent choice for many events like wedding, prom, corporate event, birthday party, fine dining, and other occasions. Coming in varieties of colors, our limo will make your day very special. Need to personalize your package? Contact us and our staff will give you the best recommendations.

Ford Expedition is featured for reason. The first and most obvious reason is that it can make a unique statement, something that you probably can’t find in other limos. The second reason, this ride is still considered as rare in New Jersey. They said only lucky people can enjoy the riding in New Jersey. But you know what? With prom limousine rental, everything is possible.

Our affordable service can make your wish come true. Hire our chauffeured limo service for any special event. The limo is the perfect and most appropriate mode of traveling nowadays, moreover if you want to travel with luxury and comfort. In New Jersey, traveling with limo is considered as a top thing to do. It is fast gaining the popularity.

Our reliable limo service is a very good option for all kinds of travelers. It ensures that you will have a safe and comfortable journey. From and to the airport, checked, Birthday party,m checked. Corporate events, checked. You name it. You will never miss a flight or important event since our chauffeur will pick you up on time.

In , it is a must to keep maintaining the services. That includes carefully selecting experienced drivers to take care of your transportation. Our service is the most efficient and effective. Traffic jam is not a matter anymore. You can just sit back and relax, while our chauffeur finds the best routes to reach the destination on time.

Need to personalize your plan? No problem! Pick up time and travel can be planned and personalized. Our limo chauffeur is also professional and reliable. He will make your journey more fun. If you wonder about value for money, our service really differs from ordinary ones.

  • Model: Ford Expedition
  • Manufacturer: Ford
  • Max. Passangers: 14-16 pass
  • Comfortable Seats: 12-14
  • Exterior Color: White

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