All You Need to Know About Renting a Limousine

Renting A Limousine Nj

Limousines are one the oldest modes of transportation. Although the modern engine-powered limousine was invented in France in 1902 by a French engineer, the history of limousines dates back to the 1800s, when horses pulled carriage-like limousines made from golden limousines. Limousines, town cars, passenger vans, and town cars are examples of limousines. Limousines are a luxurious and fun way to make any occasion more special. Limousines are renowned for their safety, style, and convenience.

Limousines can be used for any occasion by Limousine Renting Company In New Jersey, including a night out or renting one for your wedding. When people hear the term limousine, they think of the standard stretch limousine. However, any chauffeured service can technically be considered a limousine. You can have an executive sedan, large SUV, sprinter van, stretch Limousine, or luxury coach vehicle. Let’s talk about limousines so you know what kind of vehicle and service you should choose for your next special occasion.

What Is the Cost of Renting a Limousine?

Prices for Limousine Rentals vary depending on who you book and what services you need. Below are the average prices.

  • Based on the vehicle, $75-150 an hour
  • Wine tours start at $425 to $950
  • Weddings: $350 to $800
  • Proms from $795 to $1600

A few factors will determine the price of a limo. You choose the vehicle you want, the package options you select, and how long you need the vehicle service from Cheap Limo NJ. Prices can vary depending on where you live.

Limo Packages

A limo can be rented for many occasions from Limousine service in New Jersey and New York. A limousine package allows a group of people to use a chauffeur service. Many limousine companies offer packages at different prices. They don’t charge an hourly rate, but you can choose from various tiers. These are some of the standard packages:

Packages for prom limousines include bottled water and sparkling cider, as well as pick-up and drop-off at multiple locations or one-stop. For larger Party Buses with an extended drop-off after prom, prices can go up to $1,600. Prom packages start at $795.

Wedding limousine packages include champagne, bottled waters, multiple stops, and the transportation of the happy couple home from their wedding. The average cost of limo services on a wedding day is $500 to $1,100. Do not just consider price when choosing a company; safety, quality, and reputation should all be considered.

What Price Can Customers Pay?

The exact rates for limousine service will vary depending on where you live and what car you have, but a standard limousine would cost between $30-$100 per hour. It may be possible to impose a minimum number of hours on certain days or times. You might also offer additional services like VIP wedding packages and Prom packages for an additional fee.


A limo rental is guaranteed to make your event memorable. It is convenient, fun, and safer for those drinking and changing places. When choosing a limousine service, ensure they are properly licensed and insured.

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